ALFA TRANSFORMERS LIMITED started its operation here at Bhubaneswar as a manufacturer of Distribution transformers in 1988. Subsequently, the product range was increased from 12 KV Class to 36 KV Class transformers. In 1992 and 1993, prototypes of 3.15 MVA, 4 MVA and 5 MVA transformers were manufactured & successfully type tested for short circuit test at Central Power Research Institute, Bhopal/Bangalore and for Impulse Test at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and subsequently at Anna University, Madras.


During last 14 years, the following quantity of transformers have been manufactured in our works at Bhubaneswar.

Rated KVA Total Quantity Supplied (Nos.)
10 - 16 2499
25 - 50 4488
63 2840
80 - 100 5706
150 - 400 2317
500 - 800 211
1000 - 1500 119
1600 - 2500 168
3000 - 4000 131
5000 199
10000 40


Several transformers of various ratings have been type tested at Central Power Research Institute, Bhopal/ Bangalore & ERDA, Vadodara and Impulse tested at Anna University, Chennai, IIT, Kharagpur. The details of transformers Short Circuit Tested and Impulse Tested are as appended hereto.

Transformers are basically manufactured to meet the specifications of the customers. However, it meets the following Indian Standards:

1 IS:2026(Part-I to Part-IV) Power Transformers (Part-I) General, Part-II - Temperature Rise, Part-III - Insulation levels and dielectric tests, Part-IV - Terminal Marking, tapping and connections.
2 IS:1180 Distribution transformer upto and including 100 KVA.
3 IS:10028 Code of Practice for Selection, Installation and Maintenance of transformer, Part-I (1985), II and II(1981).
4 IS:1186-1967 Code of Practice for installation and maintenance of transformer.
5 IS:6600-1972 Guide for the loading of oil immersed transformers.
6 Manual on Transformer by Central Board of Irrigation & Power, New Delhi.
7 In export market, we manufacture transformers conforming to IEC-76, BS-171 and ANSI-C57 Specifications.

Our factory is well equipped with required equipments to produce transformers upto and including 10 MVA, 36 KV Class and the factory is consisting of the following Divisions.

  • Core Cutting Section
  • Coil Winding Section
  • Insulation & Fabrication section
  • Assembly section
  • Fabrication & painting section
  • Testing / Inspection
  • Core Cutting Section

    We import electrical grade steel directly from reputed manufacturers including Nippon Steel / Kawasaki, Japan. We are using various grade of electrical steel starting from cold rolled grain oriented steel sheets of M5 grade to HIV grade to laser scribed materials. We have facility for cutting laminations, annealing it in our own furnace. We are now planning to install CNC equipment which can produce step-lap and wound core which reduces no load losses of a transformer.

  • Coil Winding Section

    Our coil winding section is equipped with 6 Nos. of strip winding machine, 8 Nos. of wire winding machine. We are planning to import CNC foil winding machine to improve the quality of our product.

  • Insulation & Fabrication section

    Insulation system of transformer depends upon worthy of the insulating paper and insulating boards and quality of fabrication. To ensure quality, we are importing insulating papers directly from Jjapan, Germany and Sweden from reputed manufacturers like Toimo Corporation, Japan, Weidmann, Germany. We also import epoxy dotted papers, specific pre-compressed transformer boards.

  • Assembly section

    We have installed a shot blasting arrangement, phospating arrangement, powder coating arrangements. We are endevouring to improve the powder coating arrangement to international standards.

  • Fabrication & painting section

    We have installed shot blasting arrangements, phospating arrangements, and powder coating arrangements. We are endeavouring to improve the powder coating arrangements to international standards.

  • Testing / Inspection

    All international specification of transformers calls for :

    1. Set of Routine Tests and
    2. Set of Type Tests.

    Our Test Lab is fully equipped to meet with the requirement of Routine Tests. With respect to Type Tests, we have conducted several set of type tests during last few years. A list of such Type Tests viz. Short Circuit Tests and Impulse Voltage withstand tests is appended herewith.