Brief Background Of The Company

Alfa Transformers Limited (ATL), a ISO-9001 company; was incorporated on 28.12.1982 as a Private Limited Company with registered office at plot no: 3337, Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar-751010 and started commercial production in Jan, 1988. The Company was converted to a Public Limited Company on 11.09.1992. The unit, engaged in manufacture of Power Transformers started with an installed capacity of 200 MVA, which was subsequently expanded, to 1000 MVA in 1994. The expansion was funded by a Public issue in 1994-95. ATL is an organization of a group of engineers promoted by a technocrat having experience of 37 years in this line. The Company has been updating technology from time to time and is selling itís product in domestic as well as foreign markets. The Company has also developed a new type of transformer i.e. Furnace transformer, Stabilized output transformer and Single Phase transformers which consumes less electricity and minimizes wear and tear of the motors, gadgets etc. The Paid-up capital of the Company has been increased from Rs. 30.45 lacs as on 31.03.92 to Rs. 536.00 lacs as on date. The Company has the track record of executing the orders in time.

The customers of the Company are mainly different State Electricity Boards. The company was doing well till 1997-98, after which the power sector reforms started in various states and the holding/distribution companies reduced purchase of Power transformers. The hold up of receivables with SEBs also became high due to their deteriorating financial conditions. Therefore, the company made strategic reduction in supplies to SEBs and concentrated in exports to neighboring countries. As a result the financial performance of the Company turnaround from 2003-2004 . Turnover of the company reached Rs. 34.73 crores during 2007-05 and projected to achieved Rs. 70.00 crores during 2010.. Profit before tax during the financial year 2007-08 Rs. 4.13 crores and Profit after tax Rs. 2.69 lakhs.

The company has started a new line of business operation i.e. Project Exports & Consultancy and expected to grow much more in the coming years in this line. The company has started to strengthen itís Export Marketing Potential to tap new overseas opportunities and Challenges in the new competitive globalize environments.

Alfa is one of the leading Transformer manufacturing company in Orissa for both Power and Distribution Transformers. With the requisite financial strength and project execution capabilities it will have an attractive growth in future. The restructuring of power sector gives and continuous focus of the government on power reforms gives an enormous opportunity for the business in the domestic market. Company made exposure in export market and the situation drastically increased since 2002. We have exported to countries like, Dubai (U.A.E), Nepal, Bangladesh, Nizeria, UK and Suriname in South America. At present we are continuously supplying GECOL, Libya since last 2 years. It is expected that the export sales will increase substantially for the new strategy formulated by it for its export market in the changed liberalized economic environment.

Company faces normal market competitions in all itís business from Indian as well as international Companies, but itís globally competitive cost positions and sound business strategies have enabled it to retain its steady improvement in itís business and expected to give more impressive results in the coming years.