Our establishment dates back to 1982 , as a start-up unit manufacturing transformers in the small to medium range in the year 1988. We produce Electrical Distribution & Power Transformers ranging from 10KVA, 12KV Class to Transformers of 10 MVA, 36 KV Class. We are now a major supplier to utilities, multinationals and domestic corporates.

Since 1997, our certification as an ISO 9001 company has positively strengthened our operators for the requirement of an international market. Our state of art facilities have eased our effort to match desired production standards. We have now exported to over different countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, Nigeria and Suriname etc.

At the core of our operations, a team of qualified engineers and technical excelling in the design and development of quality transformers. Our working ethos values integrity, reliability, commitment and trust, deliverables, which help to create perfect Transformers.